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75th St. CIP Community BenefitsNewsletter/Factsheets02/11/2019946418
75th St. CIP OverviewMeeting Exhibits and Presentations11/01/2018806853
75th St. CIP Phase I SIPStakeholder Involvement Plans09/22/20101709594
75th St. CIP Phase II and Phase III SIPStakeholder Involvement Plans08/31/20202152097
75th St. CIP Phase II/III CAG Meeting #1 SummaryMeeting Exhibits and Presentations02/13/20191153820
75th St. CIP Phase II/III CAG Meeting #2 SummaryMeeting Exhibits and Presentations09/10/20191224442
75th St. CIP Phase II/III CAG Meeting #3 SummaryMeeting Exhibits and Presentations07/30/20204661921
75th St. CIP Winter 2020 NewsletterNewsletter/Factsheets01/27/20203157719
Combined Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of DecisionEnvironmental Documents09/19/20140
Community Advisory Group Interest FormOther07/31/202089943
Community Advisory GroupsMeeting Exhibits and Presentations01/01/2011161132
Community IssueMeeting Exhibits and Presentations01/01/20113793551
Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)Meeting Exhibits and Presentations01/01/2011493692
CREATE GOB flyerOther02/17/2021929097
CREATE Program Goals and BenefitsNewsletter/Factsheets01/01/2011711014
CREATE Program MapMaps01/01/20111210978
CREATE Project P3 Pre-Bid Meeting Plan HoldersOther09/25/202093777
CSX P3/GS19 ROW Selection Announcement Other01/29/202085781
Education Program Fact SheetOther07/27/20201362237
Education Program Press ReleaseOther07/27/2020109883
EIS Process and TimelineMeeting Exhibits and Presentations01/01/2011288171
Environmental Impact StatementMeeting Exhibits and Presentations01/01/2011554878
Forest Hill Junction and 71st Street CrossingMaps04/22/201416074045
Forest Hill Junction and 71st Street CrossingMaps10/27/20114818373
HCCTP 2021 FlyerNewsletter/Factsheets10/16/2020275074
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